HAWAZ is a Saudi Company that consistently strives to deliver great value to its customers through innovative solutions. The company was founded by Dr.Khaled Al-Ghoneim with the objective of combining local capabilities with global expertise through key international and national strategic partnerships.


Core Values
  • We are dedicated to our customers: Quick resolve and strong commitment to provide solutions covering advises and options, while delivering high quality services.
  • We are committed to our people: Work environment that promotes excellence as a habit. We attract it, reward it, and protect it.
  • We continuously look for ways to improve our quality: Persistently encouraging initiative taking, innovation, responsiveness to market conditions and transparent communication
Our Vision
Structure and develop PPP projects, benchmark against international & national standards, and ensure induction of best practices and efficiencies in public sector service operations.
Our Mission
To assist the transformation of Saudi Arabia by leveraging our local expertise and global partnerships.

HAWAZ recognizes that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is entering a crucial transitional phase, as outlined by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and HRH Prince Mohammad bin Salman in the “Vision 2030” plan. We at HAWAZ are committed to becoming one of the many pillars of this transition and the unique vision that drives it. While the “Vision 2030” transition involves efforts on multiple fronts, our prime objective is to deliver outstanding solutions to the problems faced by government and private sectors, and we achieve this by synergizing the best of local and global talents and capabilities.

HAWAZ aims to become a leading architect through efficient implementation of strategic initiatives that contribute to the prosperity of the country and its citizens. Our key objectives include enabling governmental agencies and private organizations in Saudi Arabia to generate maximum value from their activities and operations, and helping them serve their customers more efficiently. This will allow them to be more productive, which will increase their welfare of the people in government organizations and profits private organizations. All these factors will yield more positive results for the economy of the country and for businesses.

HAWAZ is committed to developing and improving a more efficient method for both government and private sector organizations to interact with their customers and clients. Through our stated areas of operations and services—Public Private Partnership and Behavioral Policies.

HAWAZ aspires to participate in the journey to 2030 and beyond.