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A vision for the future of the Kingdom can never be complete without taking into account one of the country’s most prized assets: the large number of dedicated and proficient specialists who, while working in diverse fields, exhibit the vision and expertise that will be vital in helping the country transition to a brighter future.

Hawaz Experts Network is a private community of entrepreneurial experts who share common characteristics. The Network brings together specialists from various fields of expertise, and combines devotion, eagerness to change and readiness to offer distinguished areas of expertise in order to contribute to building the nation’s future of business, technology and society.

Members of the Experts Network can benefit from Hawaz’s business platform and ecosystems to transition from merely aspiring to contribute to mature ventures while working with other innovators in a collaborative community. This means that HAWAZ will always have access to a database of distinguished experts who can fulfill any task that would contribute to fulfilling our vision of a more efficient, productive, business-friendly and technologically advanced Kingdom.

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