Digital Transformation

There is a need to engage with customers in a better and faster way, and to scale up customer engagement with agility and pace, which is why digital transformation has become essential. It is therefore one of the main pillars in the National Transformation plan (2020).

Digital Transformation is one of our core services, which seeks to help organizations transform digitally and optimize their resources and processes. We offer a range of services (under the main digital transformation service) which are designed to meet the key requirements of government and private sectors.

Digital Transformation is broader than technology, it requires a radical change and a focus on the desired customer outcomes and experience.

Our experienced, local and international cross functional team, experts network and partners offer a world-class holistic digital transformation services and solutions. We aim to assist organisations across all the transformation states and stages, and in their journey to becoming a digitally enabled organisation.

Our services:

Digital Transformation Strategies:

  • Plan for digital transformation and take a step closer to your end customers.
  • Adopt a customer-centric approach and improve your customer experience.
  • Prioritize and roadmap your digital transformation initiatives.

Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment:

  • Assess and baseline your current state and performance.
  • Determine your maturity level for data based improvement.

Digital Transformation consulting service:

  • Maximize the value of digital initiatives and IT investments.
  • Evolve with the changing digital landscape and trends.
  • Optimise your operations and adopt an innovative business model.

Digital Services Customer Satisfaction Study:

  • Iteratively receive insight and track your customers satisfaction overtime.
  • Understand the perspectives, feedback, and suggestions of your online users.
  • Understand the perspectives of your employee base for service improvement.

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