PPP - Public Private Partnerships

Any transition that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will undergo in the future, including the transition outlined in the “Vision 2030” manifesto, will need to take into account the existing dynamic between the public and private sectors. At HAWAZ, we aim to streamline the relationship in order to make it more synergetic, and, by extension, more efficient and productive.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a partnership between HAWAZ and public sector, in which HAWAZ executes and commercializes some or all government services. These partnerships are marked by sharing costs, risks, responsibilities and revenue sharing. HAWAZ offers its expertise to government agencies. We can help commercialize their services, and they can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Partnership agreements between Hawaz and public sector are fundamentally concerned with focusing on the service and sharing risks and responsibilities. The equation of the PPP is:

Public Private Partnership = investment + operations

PPP is important to government agencies in diverse ways. It combines responsibility and expertise, effectively deals with projects of great magnitude and complexity and efficiently uses resources and overcomes challenges.

(PPP) would thus be an essential component of the transition HAWAZ aspires to put into motion. By cutting down costs and decreasing execution times, as well as providing innovative and creative services, we aim to revolutionize how the public sector provides its services. Cooperation with HAWAZ will make public sector organizations more cost-effective, efficient and productive.

Advantages of (PPP)

  • Faster execution time
  • Cutting costs during the project life cycle
  • Innovative and creative services provided

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